Mazatlan is a fishing Paradise, it´s practiced all year long. Recognized as one of the top 7 sport fishing places in the world. We encourage to practice catch and release. Mazatlan is known as one of the best fishing destinies in the world, it has 7 of the 9 species reserved for sportfishing. The fishing is excellent all year with different species from season to season. Sword fishing season begins in March, in fact, it is the only place in the world that it can be caught during daylight.

It is possible to find stripped marlin from January to April, black marlin from May to august, blue marlin from May to October, swordfish from March to December, meanwhile yellow fin tuna and mahi mahi appear all year. Other species that can be caught during winter are snook and mako shark.

What’s great about fishing here is that there’s a lot of spots to choose from numerous shipwrecks, submerged reefs, rivermouths and basically every spot you can think of. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time fishing, we can guarantee you will have a great time.